What to do if a Dental Implant Crown Breaks

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A dental implant crown is an artificial tooth that connects to the embedded post in the patient's jaw by means of an abutment. The crown is the visible part of the three-piece implant used to replace a missing tooth through a surgical procedure. The dental crowns used with implants are usually made of porcelain but can also be constructed of other materials. Although these crowns are tough, strong and resilient, it is still possible for them to get chipped or broken through an accident, sports injury, constant teeth grinding or biting down on a hard object.

Steps to take when a dental implant crown is damaged

Whenever individuals experience a problem with an implant crown, whether it is a crack, chip or unusual looseness, they should seek professional help. Since the crown provides protection for the titanium implant, it is important to address the issue immediately.

Get to the dentist right away

If the dentist who performed the implant procedure is available, contact the office, explain the situation and make an appointment as soon as possible. If this dentist or an associate is not accessible, get in touch with a dental professional who works with implants and request an emergency appointment.

Use care eating

Immediately after a dental implant crown breaks, avoid eating anything on the side of the mouth where the broken crown resides. Chewing could cause further damage, as well as pain from the broken pieces. It may be necessary to adjust to soft food or a liquid diet until the crown is repaired. Try to restrict the food intake to soups, smoothies or other soft items, such as mashed potatoes or cooked vegetables, to ensure that further damage does not occur.

Rinse the mouth

One of the most important things to do when a dental implant crown breaks is to rinse the mouth with saltwater. Mouthwash can be harsh on the tissues of the mouth and gums, especially if there is something broken. Saltwater is safe and gentle enough to keep the mouth clean but also remove any debris from the damaged implant crown. Rinse gently and spit out the saltwater immediately after to ensure that nothing is swallowed or left behind.

Collect any pieces

In some instances, the patient may be able to see or feel the pieces from the damaged crown. It may be helpful to collect these pieces carefully and preserve them. In the event the dentist can salvage the current implant crown, these pieces could become useful. Whether the crown needs replacement or not, any retrieved pieces can be beneficial to the dentist when determining the course of action.

Contact us today

A dental professional should immediately address any issues with cracked, chipped or broken dental implant crowns. If you are experiencing problems with a damaged crown or would like to consult a dentist about the possibility of an implant, call our office as soon as possible for assistance. Our team of dentists will be happy to help.

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